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Develop free digital solutions and apps that make education accessible, and affordable to all students around the world and cause no harm to the environment.


We develop Free Educational Android Apps to bring openly licensed (CC) textbooks to students worldwide in an interactive and fun way. Apps are used by 700,000+ students worldwide.

Borderless-Education apps are Free Educational Android Apps. The apps bring openly licensed (CC) textbooks to students worldwide.




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How interactive our apps are is equally important to the quality of the content delivered

Our apps bring openly licensed (CC) textbooks to high school and university students worldwide via an interactive platform. The MCQ, flip cards, and the real-time messaging space are only few tools to provide an engaging and interactive experience for our students.

Our Apps

What Our Students Say

“This is almost as good as the book, FINAL GRADE WAS A D+! I would of defiantly fail if I didn't have this app to pic up a little extra info. It was very helpful”

Jonny Appleseed

Used our "Psychology" App

“I am preparing for A&P II this coming Fall and I have to say I am impressed with this app. I really like the layout. It is simple yet not bland. I really like the questions at the end of each section because I can ensure that I am actively reading and grasping the concept. I was surprised to see all the subjects lined out ready for me to tackle. I just downloaded the app so I can't say too too much but as of now. Great app!”

“This app is very helpful. I recommended it to students who are struggling learning the algebra.”

Mary Joice Margarette Areola

Used our "Algebra" App

“This is one of the best educating app I have ever came across. It helps me with both of my sociology modules. Trust me You won't regret it.”


What textbooks do the apps cover?

We provide 30 apps each covers a unique subject. The subjects are: Algebra and Trigonometry, American Government, Anatomy & Physiology Textbook, Astronomy, Biology, Calculus Volume 1, Calculus Volume 2, Calculus Volume 3, Chemistry, Chemistry: Atoms First, College Algebra, College Physics , College Physics for AP Courses, Concepts of Biology, Elementary Algebra, Introduction to Sociology 2e, Introductory Statistics, Microbiology, Physical methods in chemistry and nano science ,Physics for k-12 , Prealgebra, Precalculus, Principles of Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics for AP Courses, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics for AP Courses, Psychology, Siyavula textbooks: Grade 11 Physical Science, U.S. History, University Physics Volume 1, University Physics Volume 2, University Physics Volume 3

Who can benefit from these apps?

The apps are currently provide OpenStax materials which are target primarily high school and university students. Nevertheless, the apps are available for any person around the world who is interested in learning and engaging with other people with the same subject-interest

Are the apps free?

The apps are totally free and require no sign-up for the basic use.

On which platform the apps are available?

The apps are available on Android platform (Google Play)

What do I expect from the apps?

The apps don't only provide the material, but also provide it via an engaging and interactive way so that the student can get the most out of it. The apps provide MCQ and flip cards to test student's comprehension after each chapter. Moreover, there is a real-time messaging section where student can exchange questions and answers

Are teachers engaged?

The apps are not only for students, teachers are highly welcomed to be part of the community. Teachers can answer and support students in the real-time messaging section, in which students reach out for some answers

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